What is Hubble booth?

Hubble Booth is a space-arcade-themed open-set photo booth. It takes photos of participating party guests, prints them, compiles and displays a slideshow of the event, and allows guests the ability to download them from the internets.



Hubble Booth started as a fun "can we do it?" and developed into a passionate hobby. The couple behind Schwiet Co wanted to combine the awesomeness of arcade cabinets with the life-of-the-party photo booth and wrap it in a swanky space-themed Mid Century Modern design. It took over two years to design, develop and build — but every moment was a total blast.



Hubble Booth was fully conceptualized and designed by Schwiet Co, from initial sketches all the way to full-scale-foam prototypes. However, the actual routing and carpentry was done by the fine folks at Kerf Design, who took our files and skillfully executed the final build. We can't thank them enough for carrying our vision so masterfully across the finish line.



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HOW Much does it cost to RENT HUBBLE BOOTH?

There are a lot of variables to factor-in when estimating the cost of rental. Fill out the afformentioned form and we'll get back to you with a quote right away :)


Do the buttons do anything?

While in "Photobooth Mode" only one button is needed to activate the session, however buttons are way fun to press, so we added a handful of decoys that control lights and sounds. Also, you better believe we flip this over to "Arcade Mode" at home and play all kinds of emulators.


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